Strategic advice

Entrepreneurs and businesses usually have a clear vision of where they are heading. Their vision is the result of the (personal) interest of the entrepreneur or manager, the history and the experiences of the business person or company, as well as the structure and environment in which the company is active.

Sometimes it is useful to allow an outsider to examine this strategy. On the basis of our experience gained by working with and for various businesses in various settings, Finpartners can fulfil this role. Among other things, it can conduct a one-off examination, or take on a more structural role as a sounding-board for the management team or Board of Directors.

Finpartners can put a specific strategic option under the spotlight (e.g. an important investment or the intention to embark on international expansion in a specific region) or more generally, examine the entire business strategy.

Finpartners also translates this strategy, if required, into a financial or business plan and an evaluation of the resources required (structure, investment, people,...) in order to be able to implement/follow-up the strategy successfully.

The output from this type of analysis might include: