Corporate Finance advice

Finpartners advises companies with respect to optimising their financial structures and supports them in finding the appropriate financing solutions: capital, bank financing and/or subsidies.

Everything begins with a thorough analysis of the existing or future situation. Such analysis and advice may include:

Creation and/or refinement of a business plan

Optimisation of financial structure

Investment analysis and feasibility study


Finpartners has an extensive experience with applying for different types of subsidies and can make an analysis of the specific possibilities together with the company.

Creation of financing applications

On the basis of the above mentioned business plans and studies, Finpartners can then compile an application file to find the necessary financing for the projects at hand.

Assistance with negotiations

Finpartners not only compiles the analysis and application dossiers, but also advises its clients regarding an effective search for capital, bank financing and/or subsidies and will - if required - negotiate with the various parties alongside or on behalf of its clients. Finpartners has a very wide network of investors, banks and subsidy providers, and enjoys an excellent reputation in this world.

"A bank is actually a supplier of money, but must be approached like a client: with a persuasive 'sales pitch'. Banks are not providing less money to companies than they used to, but do expect the company to provide more information on their projects and detailed business plans. Translating this vision and the enthusiasm of the enterpreneur into a well-founded financial model that the banks wish to see is an art in itself."