Finpartners currently encompasses a team of five people, each of whom has extensive experience in the sector. Most of our partners are - besides their Finpartners role - also active as investor and/or entrepreneur.

Yves Colleman is a law graduate (University of Ghent, 1997) and obtained an MBA at the University of Antwerp in 1998. Yves worked for more than 10 years in Fortis Bank's Corporate Finance department. From 2004, he was responsible for the Telecom & IT segment. With his extensive experience in M&A and corporate finance transactions, he moved to Finpartners in 2009. – M. +32 478 88 58 04

Eric Metsers is an Applied Economic Sciences graduate (University of Antwerp, 1987) and obtained an MBA at KU Leuven in 1988. From 1988 to 2006, Eric worked at Fortis Bank (formerly General Bank) and built an impressive career as banker and financier. Eric's role included managerial positions with the credit department, risk management department and investment banking & corporate finance department. – M. +32 473 70 42 93

Peter Roose is a Commercial Engineer (KU, Leuven, 1992) and obtained his Masters in Real Estate at the University of Antwerp in 2014. Until 2002, he worked at Fortis Bank in departments such as Corporate Finance and then moved to DEME, where he fulfilled a range of business-development and general management roles. As well as his financial expertise and experience, Peter also brings operational experience to his role as a partner in Finpartners. – M. +32 468 19 11 46

Wim De Naeyer holds a Masters in Management - Finance (University Paris IX Dauphiné, 1996) and is a Business Analysis graduate (Lancaster University, 1997). After having worked a number of years for PWC (audit) and Fortis Bank (corporate finance), Wim moved in 2004 to Coditel (Altice group) as financial controller. As of 2007 he was involved in various Numericable projects and in 2008 he was appointed CFO of Completel. – M. +32 476 76 18 96

Kris Robyns behaalde in 1992 het diploma van Master in de Toegepast  Economische Wetenschappen - Handelsingenieur aan de KU Leuven.  Onmiddellijk na haar opleiding begon Kris bij Henkel op de logistieke afdeling.  Op 2 januari 1994 startte ze bij Generale Bank aan een carrière als vermogensbeheerder, Personal Banker en later Certified Private Banker die 23 jaar zou duren.  Sinds het najaar van 2017 is Kris een Finpartner.  Haar focus ligt op het aanbieden van ondersteuning bij het beheer van vermogens (Family Office). – M. +32  478 88 55 12


Finpartners also works with a number of independent experts who specialise in specific areas such as legal and tax advice, management consulting, HR matters, environmental law and advice, ...